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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our first Baby Boomers HUB.

(hub-the effective center of an activity)

We want this website to be our day-by-day meeting place with all of our friends that are born between 1946 and 1964 , or in another words, Baby Boomers, who are accounting for over 20% of USA population, and are in their most productive years.

But for this we need your help. We know that everybody is busy, but try to find a few free minutes and let us know what subjects are you interesting in, if do you want to contribute to the site, is you have any preferences for this site and so on.

We already setup a form of this site, as you can see, where we will want to update all the subjects that are hot for you:

  • News – daily updates of the most important news of the day
  • Technology – short text, or video for how to use today’s technology: computers, internet, smart phones, smart TVs, tablets, home security
  • Health –  fitness, recipes, nutrition
  • Finances – news, investments, stocks
  • Travel – vacation, living abroad, lifestyle

The list it’s open so we are definitely waiting for your input, and…..until then,

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

You can  send your suggestions by using our contact form